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Your Questions Answered

Q: Do I have to pay extra for all amenities on Watersong Resort?

A: No, there are no extra fees to pay

Q: Are there any other hidden costs I may be charged after I have booked?

A: No, the prices quoted are all you pay.

Q: I notice you provide towels etc, but what about  pool towels?

A: We believe that the pool is an important part of your holiday, so 12 pool towels are provided (saves on luggage allowance as well)

 Q: Can more than one family share the villa?

A: Of course, we are licensed for 12

Q: What deposit do you require and when do I have to make my final payment?

A: We require a non refundable deposit of £200 per week, the balance is due 8 weeks before arrival. 

Q: Do I need to take a hairdrier?

A: No, if your from the UK then it's likely your hairdrier will not work in Florida as the voltage is only 110.  We provide hairdriers in all the bedrooms.

Q: Can I have the spa heated in the summer months even though I may not want the pool hot?

A: All our  prices are inclusive so we don't charge for pool/spa heat.
WE aim to provide a temperature of 89 degrees F for the pool and up to 102 degrees for the spa.  But if you would like the pool cooler just let us know.

Q: Where can I get theme park tickets and car hire?   

A: We have sourced  a company that give you the best possible choice of tickets and hire cars at a good price.  I have used them for many years and have always found them to be excellent to deal with and more importantly trustworthy.